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  Founded and Authorized by Judicial Department of Guangdong in 1997, we are the first partnership law firm in Kaiping. Situated in the west of the 2nd Tangjiang River Bridge, we boast of beautiful surroundings and convenient transportation.
  We are a comprehensive law firm, with an office of over 400 square meters area. Every attorney enjoys individual office and modern facilities which can offer high-quality and effective services to our clients.
Supreme People's Court

Kaiping Huayi Plumbing Fittings Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangdong WeiQiang Copper Industrial Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Rousselot (Guangdong) Gelatin Co., Ltd.

Kaiping Pan Tower International Hotel

Guangdong Haihong Transformer Co., Ltd.

Kaiping Healthwise Co., Ltd.

Kaiping Panther Textiles Holding Co., Ltd.

Kaiping Irewin Garments Co., Ltd.

Kaiping Sedal Tap Components Co., Ltd.

Shengfa Plating Factory Co., Ltd.

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